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Saturday, 07 July 2012 17:17

Dear Friends and Partners of the Ministries

This year mark the fourteen years of Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc. Founded in 2003, but most of the work of the dreams are not accomplished yet, because our eyes is not focus on men's help but on the Lord to guide us and send us good people to do what is good. My father been to the mountain since 1960, after I graduated from college in Haiti in 1990, I went to my father village and become a full time minister to his ministry with a school an orphanage and a Church, but lost them by two crooked American missionaries, who left United States of America for overdue bills, that they couldn't pay, they were so desperately looking for a planted ministry to take picture to send to the churches in America, in other to get out the debt. When my father and I met with Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnette in Haiti in 1991, they ate noodles and Lipton tea for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,because it was all they could afford at this time, in 1994 We bough another piece of land next to the ministry in other to extend our capacity  building, finally Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnette went to the notary bribes him to turns all the legal paperwork into their names, then they kick us out of the property in our own country, three months later me and my father fight back to get the property, they paid an officer to put me in jail, but three hours later I was released by the Government official represented by Mr. Hugues St Pierre who realized that it was inacceptable by law to do such Barbary abuse of human being. After all Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnette paid a bandit man in Haiti to kill me and my father, so that they can be free from us, finally we abandoned the village and become refugees in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Today we have all kind of people in the Church, we have thief, killers, fornicators, money makers, fault preachers and prophets, they all come to destroy, but in Mathew 13 verse 40 Jesus said: As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

Bobby and Sherry Burnette are rich today, in the name of the poor of Haiti surrounded by crooked money makers like them, preachers, Pastors, who sold they soul for money in this earth, big organizations food distributors who pretended that, they are serving people in the name of God, but they are nothing else than a synagogue of Satan. If they not confess their sins and turn their entire lives to Jesus, and give back all they took from their wicked ways like zaccheus did when he met Jesus on the way to salvation. they will all perish, and goes straight to hell, to burn in the fire for ever.

My wishes for you brother Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnette is to stop using the name of Jesus in vain, because its time for you to realize that you are old now, and advance an age, sooner or later, you will leave this earth, now is the time for you, to reconciled with every one that you hurt before you leave, without that, you will be straight to hell.


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