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Saturday, 07 July 2012 17:17


Dear Friend/Partners of the Ministry:

Government are totally shutdown in Haiti for three weeks now  and communities are not really prepared for a variety of emergency situations like this.Our schools has established plans to reopen but do to the lack of food and water to provide for our kids we are now unable to do that. We believe an emergency reaction is deeply needed in order to save children and family's life in Haiti as soon as possible, but it largely depends on the amount of Dollars we collected. Our organization staff has already on the ground to help.

Children will be dying of malnutrition more than ever, because of the emergency situation they are facing now is outrageous and families are begging for all kind of help in order to survive because most of them are spending days without food and they are even force to drink thirty contaminated water from anywhere.

Dear Friends, in a disaster emergency like that. I need your help desperately in the name of the Haitian people who has nothing left to lose. Please give what ever you can: $ 1 $ 3 $ 5 $ 10 $ 15 $ 20  $ 25 or more  While you are commited to do so always remember that you save a life in desperate need and God take note of it.

If by any chance you want to make a bigger investment by supporting our cause or you want to be a sponsor or a ministry partner, you are welcome to do so, by calling Mr. Christopher Black at (617) 763-3350; however, we appreciate your support,  Please always remember to give according to your heart and your mind, May the Lord blessed you always.


John H. Miller/ President


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