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Thursday, 12 July 2012 03:48

Today in our society, people are giving to the rich instead of helping the poor, It is absolutely true  that even Jesus on his journey on earth said it clearly, that they will take away bread from the poor in order to give it away to the rich and that is absolutely what happening today in our world that we are living.

people always know birthdays of their best rich friends like them, while they forget if their workers and labors were born one day. when you look at the world system and the corruption that spread among us, it is very unfortunate to say that we are the followers of Jesus-Christ, surely Jesus will never act that way toward us.

  1. Most of the billionaires and millionaires that we see today, giving their monies to the big organizations with big names, but when you make a review of those big organizations, none of them spent the money wisely, while the small fish are struggle to pay for a place to rest.

  2. How do we respond to Matthew 28 verse 40? how we are going to make it in the last day? the answer is, while no one cares, but Jesus do.I wish one  day that the world will be a place of equal opportunity for all of us to live without discrimination and love will shine in the face of everyone .


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