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Sunday, 15 July 2012 23:40

Loving Hands for the Needy is a place for healing broken lives and neglected ones here and abroad. Our mission is to save life of at risk children and families around the world: The Loving Hands for the Needy take the decision to open an orphanage in Haiti " THE HELP OF GOD ORPHANAGE" Inside of this orphanage Loving Hands will start feeding 25 at risk children in Haiti with physical, spiritual and mental education. Orphan sponsorship will be available for those who want to sponsor a child for a primetime: With $ 50 you can feed a child for the entire month and $ 100 can send him or her to school for the entire year including presents and gifts, in return you will receive thanking letters and progress pictures from your child. if you look at the crowd you will never help but if you take one from the crowd, you'll make a huge difference, after the January 12, 2010 earthquake Haiti is become one of the most neediest country in the world.

Life is not fair every where but in Haiti it is more brutal and cruel for children and families who are living daily without hope of anything, disease and malnutrition are common there. through you Loving Hands for the Needy will accomplished a lot from its mission. Our campaign is to save children lives one at a time. But we need your help. together we can do it, no amount is too small to give, because what ever you give to a child in Haiti will be well appreciated. If you take a time to collect 75 cents a day you can feed a child for the entire month. please go to the website using our Paypal account to give any amount that the Lord has put into your heart to give.


There is not much more you can do than invest in human being. because this life saving bank will never go bankrupt.


Again thank you for saving a child's life.


May God richly bless you!

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