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We feed more than 6,000.00 Families a year and Donate Clothes and toys to 3,000 Children and Families.

Be a volunteer

Be a volunteer

Your help means a lot to us.

Loving Hands for the Needy Food Pantry need your  assistance with unloading truck, cleaning the office and the Food Pantry space every Thursday and Friday from 1:00PM - 4:00PM, Sorting food bags, stocking shelves, organizing pantry, distributing food bags to needy families. We would welcome Volunteers who's willing to assist with office cleaning, such as sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, emptying garbage, cleaning windows, picking up trash outside, sorting clothes and office work services: like scan papers and answer calls from partners and agencies. Also, any assistance with minor office repairs, panting, sanding, wall repairs, fixing molding, and changing light build fixtures etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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What we do

We feed hungry family; we educate new immigrant on how to integrate into American system in order to build a good life living for their families.

Help A Hungry Family

Sponsor a family in need, helping to ease the burden of poverty and hunger in some America's poorest communities.

Immigrant English Classes ESL

We are fundraised to start a tutoring Adults ESL program to help new immigrant learn English, in order to get a good job in order to build the economic.

Christmas Toys

Loving Hands for the Needy is partnered with toys for tots of Palm Beach County, Florida to help hundreds of Children every year with toys will you partnered with us to provide for more children.

Bare foot Drive for Kids

Support Loving Hands for the Needy Bare Foot kids drive. Please consider donating or holding a Barefoot drive at your home or church to give a pair of shoes to kids in need.

Our Mission


Loving Hands for the Needy is a place for Healing broken lives and Neglected ones

Today children are suffered for the absence of their parents at home, due to lack of uncertainty in life, some are in Prison, some are single family due to separation. Those children are in need of more attention to prevent them from drugs and alcohol and Tabacco use. that's why we are standing for.

Our strategic priorities are to protect Children and families in need:

  • Protecting Children from using drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • Enabling children and family to have access to free or half price daycare for their children.
  • Give them the resources, they need to be able to make a better choice for tomorrow.
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