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Churches In Action

Your Support Makes
A Huge Impact in the lives Of Others.

Churches have been a fundamental key partners for Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc. Without them, we would not be where we are today. Boca Raton Community Church has provided clothes, shoes, and school supplies to support family in need in our community. They are also provided members to help setup the space and load the boxes to our building. We are so thankful for all they have done. On Behalf of Loving Hands for the Needy, we want to thank their entire church members for their devotional encouragement to help others for the church.


Are you here to help Others
In Needs?

Are you trying to help your congregation reach the world by helping the needy. Loving Hands for the Needy can be your congregation’s bridge to help the needy in the world. We can help your church reach out to children and families through disaster, medical, and hunger relief program as well as orphan care and community development projects. 

Now is the time for your church to take action and provide a better future for the impoverished children and families all over the world. There will be no excuse for not doing your part. There are so many ways that you can be  a part of this great mission. 

Reach out to orphans with a monthly gift of $80 that can provide food, health care, education and love to a child.

Finance digging a water wall for orphan children for $2,000 a life time to save therefrom tropical disease. 

Sponsor an orphan rental home for $12,000 a year for 25 children  in Haiti. Sponsor a Minister for $150 a month to provide for his family.