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I Received a message this morning about a 7.2 magnitude earthquake around 8: 29 AM. and the picture that they send to me was all collapse house and dead people at a church in Les Anglais and Cayes, Haiti.
First of all, our family there are fine. because The earthquake hit the southern part of Haiti. I heard that one big hospital was demolished, many were killed. Many buildings crashed down to the ground killing people in many areas. Another earthquake came, I believe a 5.7, and another at 4.9. Please pray for the people of Haiti, especially the children who lost their parents.
Les Cayes is a city of 100,000 Haitians in the country’s Southernmost peninsula. The city is built on sand and shale, and was deeply affected by the 7.2 major earthquake at 8:29 this morning August 14, 2021.
Loving Hands for the Needy are preparing to send emergency food, clothes, water and emergency supplies to help people in these areas. Our Team, who are on the ground, must go through Martissant to go to these places. Gangs control several areas including Martissant. this area is very dangerous, but with God grace we will make it. We are sending our Team ( MAINS GENEREUSES POUR AIDER LES NECCESSITEUX ) on Monday to find ways around the dangerous areas and search out many of the devastated areas so we can bring food and emergency supplies. Our hearts are broken for the people of Haiti.
Please pray and help the way you can financially. The people of Haiti especially the children need your prayers… If this is something the Lord is leading you to do, please visit our website to donate: https://lovefortheneedy.org  

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Our Local program is to feed children and families in Palm Beach County Florida and teaching youth children to be leaders on their own communities where they are living, to be able to be self-dependable and creating better opportunity for others. Our international program is to continue to orphan children at the "Help of God Orphanage in Haiti" created by my father in 1970 who was broken by the 2012 Earthquake are now in process to be rebuilt.

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