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Our mission is dedicated to providing a stable, loving, consistent and nurturing home for at risk youth children and families here and abroad. Our long-term goal is to help young children and families fight against youthful delinquency, prevent them from drugs and alcohol abuse, offering these neglected young children and families the confidential and compassionate support they need to be positive young children among us with the Help of Service-learning programs like: Mentor's Program, Health Education, Life skills Training, Sanitation Education, Christian education, refugee resettlement, hunger, and poverty programs. Our services will uplift the poor, heal the sick, educate the ill-informed and restore lives entirely until the world is getting better.​

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Our Local program is to feed children and families in Palm Beach County Florida and teaching youth children to be leaders on their own communities where they are living, to be able to be self-dependable and creating better opportunity for others. Our international program is to continue to orphan children at the "Help of God Orphanage in Haiti" created by my father in 1970 who was broken by the 2012 Earthquake are now in process to be rebuilt.

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