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Loving Hands For The Needy is a Non-Profit Humanitarian serving the Needs of the People in Need

As a Non-Profit humanitarian service, we invite you to partner with us in order to accomplish more in the life of the needy people around the world, whether you want to volunteer your time, give in kind donations, sponsor a child in need, wants to be a monthly sponsor to help us with Transportation cost, pay electricity bills, Building rental payment or monthly internet service, we will be very happy to partner with you because the needs are greater than you think,  If you want to know how hard it is to feed a family in a weekly basis, then you will know what I’m talking about Because, I feed more than one people on a monthly basis.

Please consider giving a donation of any amount to save a family in need.

Thank you, an advance!  God blesses!!!

Please help your neighbors in need, by bringing your old shoes and sneakers that are been in your closet for a long time and never used them. It will be a blessing for those who can’t afford to buy a pair, please bring them to our office from Monday to Friday: from 10:00AM-4:00PM EST. We will receipt you for your IRS Return. Thank you in advance. May God Bless your heart.

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Our Local program is to feed children and families in Palm Beach County Florida and teaching youth children to be leaders on their own communities where they are living, to be able to be self-dependable and creating better opportunity for others. Our international program is to continue to orphan children at the "Help of God Orphanage in Haiti" created by my father in 1970 who was broken by the 2012 Earthquake are now in process to be rebuilt.

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