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Who is John Miller?

John Miller

John Miller is an elderly man from Haiti who immigrated to the United States in 2001. Born into a Christian family in Gonaives, Haiti, he spent most of his time in church with his late father, who passed away on December 5, 2005. John is a man of faith who leads by example. Despite facing challenges in his early life, his faith in Christ has remained steadfast.

John and his father encountered extreme adversity in their lives after losing everything in their hometown in Haiti in 1993. His father had founded a church in the Village of Petites Desdunes, located four kilometers from the city of Gonaives, Haiti, in 1970.

John pursued higher education in Port-Au-Prince, the capital, and became a theologian and a Minister of the Gospel of Christ. In 1990, he returned to the Village to assist his father in his ministry, where he established a school and an orphanage.

In 1991, John's father met Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnett, two American missionaries from Merritt Island, Florida. They claimed to have come to Haiti to help the poor in the name of the Lord but were, in fact, motivated by personal gain. They offered to partner with John's ministry to provide more support for the children. Eventually, John's father accepted their offer without any suspicion. However, in September 1993, Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnett manipulated the situation to take over the ministry's property, leaving John and his father with nothing.

Despite these challenges, John's goodwill and commitment to serving others remain unwavering. He continues to bless people wherever he goes. In Saint Thomas, USVI, he provides food to those in need, recognizing that there is much hunger and homelessness in America.

John's mission and vision persist through Loving Hands for the Needy ministry, which operates in Florida and Massachusetts. Their mission is to improve the lives of the less fortunate, providing food, clothing, and shelter to those in need. John's faith and dedication to serving others shine through, embodying Psalms 118 verse 23: "The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes."

John expresses his gratitude to the Lord for healing his heart and allowing him to serve others. He hopes that Bobby and Sherry Lee Burnett will one day confess their wrongdoings and seek forgiveness before the Lord. He encourages them to turn their lives toward the eternal, as time is fleeting.

In closing, John expresses his blessings to those who have read his story, hoping that they will find understanding and wisdom to be better individuals in life, promoting harmony and compassion for others, as life is short. He extends his heartfelt thanks for taking the time to read his message.

May God's love always envelop you.

John Henry Miller

President and Founder of Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc.

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